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See "The Spiritual Meaning Of Numbers" (Below) For A More Detailed Description ♥

Angel Guidance Numbers By Rev Jacqueline J Garner, DD

"Meet Your Angels!"

Order your personal, Intuitive Divine "Angel-Guidance"™ Session with Rev Jacqueline J Garner, DD ♥   Your Intuitive Divine "Angel-Guidance" Reading will include the name(s) of your Angel(s) who are coming through while Jacqueline intuitively channels your energy to determine which energy cycle you are currently experiencing & your personal Angel-Number(s) along with your personal Angel's Guidance Message.  

Like having a personal mentoring session with your Angels as they let you know how they will be working with you & what you can do to open and/or expand on your communication with them. This is one of Jacqueline's most popular types of Guidance Sessions, which have helped thousands of Jacqueline's clients learn how to easily receive daily guidance from God & their Angels.  Your personal Intuitive "Angel-Guidance"™ Reading will be scheduled via phone.  


Upon receipt of your payment confirmation, Jacqueline will contact you via email & schedule your session for her next available opening.  All sessions are scheduled on a first come- first serve basis. These also make beautiful gifts for friends & loved ones.  

Please provide Jacqueline with your full current legal name, your Date of Birth (Day, Month spelled out to avoid confusion & Year), along with Your location (City, State, Country), email address & phone number if possible.  You may provide this in the comment section when placing your order or after you order, when Jacqueline contacts you.

Optional) You may also provide a summary of where you feel you currently are at Spiritually and a specific question you may have related to your Spiritual journey . You may provide whatever details, you feel would be helpful for Jacqueline to focus on as she meditate & channels your guidance message. You would provide this to Jacqueline when she contacts you to schedule your guidance session for her next available opening.

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"Angel-Guidance Numbers" 

(The Spiritual Meaning Of Numbers)

Following is a chart with common spiritual meanings that you may reference in order to interpret  the messages that your Angels are giving to you with numbers symbols.  The Chart goes from number 1 through number 11, however, you may choose to "reduce" numbers, as in numerology, using only numbers 1- 9.   When using numerology, you would add the digits if there are more than one- for example; 214 = 2+1+4= 7 in numerology.  


A great aspect about numerology is that you may also incorporate letters.  If you see a license plate which has numbers and letters, you may determine the message by including  the number assigned to each letter.