Archangels & The 7 Rays

Which Archangel & Ray Were You Born Under?

Working with the Archangels and the Seven Rays-

Each of the seven rays of Divine energy represents a particular lesson for us while we are here on this earth plain. Our primary lesson in this life time is very much related to the Archangel and Ray which we are born under. Working closely with this Archangel and Ray can help us greatly and guide us as we move along our Divine Life Path, working to fulfill our Divine Life Purpose.  

To find out which Archangel and  Ray you were born under, you'll need to know which day of the week you were born on, then refer to the chart below to see which Archangel and Ray are associated with that specific day.


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It is important to note, that "we", as a whole, have entered an accelerated state of consciousness and therefore  we are each encouraged to integrate the aspects of all seven Divine Rays. Each of the Seven Rays is associated with a different kind of energy, and a different color.  As we call upon the assistance of the Archangels who have each been charged with the  responsibility for a particular ray, we are able to manifest with Divine consciousness.  Everything within this vast universe of ours vibrates as energy- every thought, every color, every thing.  As you call upon the Archangels to invoke the Divine powers of each ray, you will want to elevate your vibration to that of each ray.


Sunday - Archangel Jophiel (Wisdom & Illumination)

The Yellow Ray of Aspect- 2nd ray of Love & Wisdom

Monday- Archangel Chamuel (Universal, Unconditional Love & Adoration)

The Pink Ray of Aspect- 3rd ray of Active, Creative Intelligence

Tuesday- Archangel Michael (Power & Protection)

The Blue Ray of Aspect- 1st ray of Power, Will or Purpose

Wednesday- Archangel Raphael (Healing & Truth)

The Green Ray of Attribute- 5th ray of Concrete Science or Knowledge 


Thursday- Archangel Uriel (Peace & Dedication) 

The Ruby (Gold & Purple) Ray of Attribute- 6th ray of Abstract Idealism or Devotion

Friday- Archangel Gabriel  (Purity & Harmony) 

The White Ray of Attribute- 4th Ray of Harmony through Conflict Resolution, or Beauty, or Art

Saturday- Archangel Zadkiel (Freedom, Transformation & Transmutation) 

The Violet Ray of Attribute- 7th Ray of Ceremonial Order or Magic or Ritual or Organization


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